Good Times Roll

Today, there’s going to be a raffle, and the winner gets to pick one of two prizes: a “P125 complete” or a “1961 series 2 LI 125 kit.” To most of us those are just a bunch of random numbers and letters, signifying very little, maybe some electronics thing or a model train. But to members of one of the last great subcultures — surely the last great one on two wheels — they are a beautiful collection, circling greatness, for both are some sort of scooter. Today, the San Francisco Classic vintage scooter rally throws a Custom Show with an array of fancy machines (“the West Coast’s best bikes,” the organizer promises) and music by the Lewd. The rest of the weekend-long rally contains more parties and just as many rides (city and country — Bolinas), so the chance of seeing a formation of very fine Vespas and Lambrettas bleat-bleating out of a noisy turn is nearly a lock.
Sat., Aug. 8, 2 p.m., 2009

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