Gristle for the Mill

Psychic TV frontperson Genesis P-Orridge has never shied away from pushing buttons and boundaries, from his work with seminal industrial outfit Throbbing Gristle to the genre-straddling PTV ouvre that has ranged from cultish weirdness to acid-house rave culture. And P-Orridge has had some rough times; he became an exile from his native England in 1992 when Scotland Yard raided his home in search of evidence of Satanic ritual abuse (an allegation that was later dismissed). Then he seriously injured himself in 1995 while escaping a fire at producer Rick Rubin’s recording studio.

But P-Orridge has come back with a vengeance of late: Throbbing Gristle reunited and released the powerful return-to-form album The Endless Not earlier this year. And Psychic TV – now dubbed PTV3 – is currently touring in support of the band’s first album in 12 years, Hell Is Invisible … Heaven Is Her/e, a surprisingly straightforward offering ranging from boisterous anthem rock to drifting hypno-ballads. Yet it’s the current gender-bending PTV aesthetic that really ups the ante: P-Orridge and fellow bandmember/“other half” Lady Jaye Breyer have been getting cosmetic surgery in recent years in order to look more like each other, with P-Orridge getting breast implants and lip injections. Yikes. Expect serious psychedelic experimental glam when Psychic TV plays with Brian Jonestown Massacre spin-offs the Dilettantes.
Fri., Aug. 24, 9 p.m.

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