Ground Zero in the Culture Wars

Simon Sheppard's reading series has been attacked on Fox News, and it's no wonder. First of all, he writes gay porn, and the very name of the long-running smut series he hosts with Carol Queen — Perverts Put Out — is enough to send the likes of Glenn Beck into hyperbolic overdrive (which it did in 2009). Just picture the terror on Beck's face as he read on his program, “It invites guests to 'join your fellow pervs' — I'm quoting — 'join your fellow pervs for some explicit, twisted fun.'” (Glenn, you really should get out more often.) Thing is, Beck got some facts wrong — not about the explicit fun, but about who gets money from the National Endowment for the Arts. (Sheppard does not, nor does Perverts Put Out, or any organization it benefits.) No matter. Sheppard considers it an honor to have been a target, even if it's a false one, and he keeps doing his part to destroy American culture. Tonight's readers include local favorites Kirk Read, horehound stillpoint, Greta Christina, and Hew Wolff as well as Sherilyn Connelly, Gina DeVries, Philip Huang, and Lady Monster.
Sat., Jan. 8, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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