Grow the Hell Up

Young people! It is understandable that you assume black and white movies are boring. Youth equals stupidity, after all. No, srsly: If you have not seen My Little Chickadee, you're stupid. It's like if you thought cake was boring, or sexual intercourse. If you have not seen several Mae West movies, you are holding yourself apart from one of the really genuinely nice things that can happen to a live human adult, unless you don't like dialogue such as: He: “Aren't you forgetting that you're married?” She: “I'm doin' my best.” Plus, it's time to scrap the whole idea that black and white movies are boring, because that is for children. At Five Buck Tuesdays, well, you can probably figure out what happens with that, no matter how young you are.
Tue., April 14, 6:15 & 8:30 p.m., 2009

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