Heavy Rotation

It’s hard to resist a “greatest hits” show, frankly, unless it’s a Neil Diamond tour or a Shia LaBeouf retrospective. No such creepiness, although a good bit of delectable weirdness, attends Artists’ Television Access’ Playback: 2006-2010, a killer selection of experimental works culled from the first five editions of ATA’s annual film and video festival. This rare and wonderful repeat opportunity to catch certified highlights of today’s avant-garde features an array of local lights including Rachel Manera (the George Kuchar-inspired I, A Director), Zachary Epcar (A Time Shared Unlimited), Paul Clipson (Bump Past Cut Up Through Windows), Ariel Diaz (Elro), and Tommy Becker (Animal, Animal). Their entertaining and diverse contributions are augmented by top-drawer entries by international luminaries such as Martha Colburn (Myth Labs) and Guy Maddin (the utterly wonderful Sissy Boy Slap Party). The saving grace of most shorts programs doesn’t apply here: Every work’s a winner.
Tue., April 19, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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