Hey, You Got Your Storytelling on My Comedy!

Comedian turned storyteller Dylan Brody’s entire persona seems transported from a calmer, more measured period. He doesn’t go for the shock-and-awe approach of so many stand-up comics, nor does he cultivate an affected, deliberately weird persona like the denizens of alt-comedy circles. What he does only vaguely resembles stand-up at this point, even if he still plays comedy rooms. With his rumpled, hangdog delivery; restrained demeanor; and incisive wit, the playwright, novelist, and performer is often compared to monologist Spalding Gray. Brody’s stories mine humor and pathos from even the most mundane transactions, with a sensibility that is humane and dryly absurd. Within a single routine,he can veer from autobiography into satirical flights of fancy before returning to the personal. There’s an undercurrent of political outrage to Brody’s stories — he moonlights as a Huffington Post blogger, which should give a hint as to his political sympathies — but he doesn’t use the stage as a soapbox. With calm remove, he cuts through the bullshit and reveals the very human motivations behind the challenges of daily life, whether the antagonist happens to be the world’s dumbest (and most polite) mugger, meddling agents and Hollywood suits, or society at large.
Tue., April 12, 8 p.m., 2011

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