Hilarity, Meat Sincerity

Nick Offerman’s no luddite, but as a woodworker he’s wary of the ways 3-D printing technology could diminish the authenticity of craft. “There’s nothing more exciting to me than a human being standing on stage with lights on them, because anything can happen,” he says. “And there’s no replacing a handcrafted item.” He appreciates a handcrafted dovetail joint, and he has a decent idea what to do if he runs into a grizzly bear. He adores his wife, actress Megan Mullally, and when he speaks, his passion for his projects seems all the more palpable because of his deadpan delivery. Interviewers “usually ask me about meat, whiskers, woodworking, and Ron Swanson,” Offerman says. Ron, the mustachioed, government-hating government employee played by Offerman on Parks & Recreation, has attained quasi-mythic status. And it’s garnered Offerman a lot of attention, for which he seem genuinely grateful. “It’s a testament to our brilliant writers that they were able to create really a pretty cartoony character like Ron and lead people to think that he bears resemblance to the actor, or vice versa,” he says. Offerman does love wordworking, and he loves meat, but he doesn’t eat nearly the amount of it in real life that Ron eats on the show. “I’m an actor, and I live in a world, and if someone ate one-fourth the amount of cholesterol that Ron eats, they’d keel over before they finished the meal,” he says. In addition to his regular gig and the custom woodworking shop he runs in LA, he’s produced and acted in a new flick, Somebody Up There Likes Me, and he’s touring around the country performing his one-man show, which includes his “cautionary tales, some mediocre songs, with a dash of minor nudity.” (We can confirm that by “minor” he means “slight,” not “underage.” Or maybe he actually meant “miner.”) His wife has a band called Nancy & Beth, and they’ll be opening for the show. Offerman will also be appearing at the Roxie to premiere the film.
Fri., March 22, 8 p.m., 2013

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