Home Sweet Home

Finding an apartment in the city these days is difficult, to put it mildly. Once we’ve found that almost-perfect space most of us are content to merely crash there every night among our meagre possessions. However, some enterprising city-dwellers’ homes double as an extension of their art practice. Since 2001, artist Chris Sollars has been inviting other creatives into the space he shares with fellow artist Alison Pebworth to experiment as they see fit, resulting in art shows, music performances, participatory meals, and futon wrestling. Kelly Lynn Jones is the latest invitee, and her project in the space is called “An Abridged Visual Mapping of a Place of My Own within the Context of 667 Shotwell.” As a purveyor of fine art prints and ephemera on the website Little Paper Planes, Jones is interested in how Sollars and Pebworth curate their own lives within the four walls of their home. Poking around the space, Jones took a particular shine to their books and to other scattered small objects, and she has installed her own recreations of those objects not far from the originals. The project provides clever commentary on the relationship we have to our stuff and how it might define us to an outsider. E-mail info@667shotwell.com to arrange a viewing.
Nov. 2-Dec. 8, 2012

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