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A person can start the day with any number of inquiries, from “Who is that monster in the mirror?” to “Is five cups of coffee too many before noon?” Maybe you ask, “What is beauty?” or “Do I like literature?” To inquire is natural, and to seek answers, divine. Tonight’s RADAR Reading Series provides an embarrassment of talent that may well fill in your knowledge gaps. You get readings from hilarious original mind Trinie Dalton, the author of several works of fiction and art collections including “Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is,” which appeared in McSweeney’s. Photographer Monty Suwannukul is featured as well, with his poetic eye for landscape imagery. Actress, performer, and fierce warrior for justice Ben McCoy gives live advice to people who submit their problems on slips of paper (and who are rewarded with a cookie from Michelle Tea for their efforts), and Lucy Corin lectures about Godzilla. You may still wake up with questions, but friends, you’ll be better equipped to answer.
Thu., April 28, 7 p.m., 2011

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