How Could I Leave This Behind?

A young pop star whose name we refuse to use recently told Rolling Stone magazine that in essence, all rape happens for a reason. The context was his opposition to abortion; it was a golden moment in many ways. This level of idiocy makes us schadenfreude in our pants; we know we're not alone because of events like Litquake's Way Behind the Music. The smartest and meanest of local writing musicians and/or writers who like music read from the writings of musicians who shouldn't have — adorable accordion/violin player and author of What Rhymes with Bastard? Linda Robertson is the one you should be afraidest of. Jewel is the obvious target here, but more interesting to us are Gene Simmons and a Backstreet Boy's mom. And Vince Neil, obviously. Other readers include Thao Nguyen, Bucky Sinister, and Jesse Michaels, in case you like talent. If Mr. T Experience frontman and author of two cult YA novels Frank Portman isn't in the audience, we'll get John Dwyer to write a song and a book about it.
Thu., Feb. 24, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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