How Many Do You Need?

Someone made a list of the most interesting people in San Francisco. Don’t feel bad if you weren’t on it; we weren’t either. Neither was Ali Wong or Cecil Williams or Kevin Keating, so not getting on the list doesn’t mean you’re not interesting. But if you are on that list as part of “75 Reasons to Live,” you are definitely interesting. Film archivists, comedians, radical historians, art historians, actors, dancers, writers, and lots and lots of artists are on it. Each one chooses an item from the MOMA’s collection, and tells us why he or she loves it so much, in 7.5 minutes. “Two at a time, on the half hour, every half hour, 25 each day,” organizers say, and the whole thing is part of the museum's 75th anniversary. Mini-lectures to catch include artist Julio César Morales, Artists' Television Access mad scientist Craig Baldwin, and the museum's own painting and sculpture curator, Janet Bishop.
Jan. 16-18, 2010

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