I Can See Clearly Now

One of the great things about large-scale photography is that it's like the still version of IMAX, if you're actually standing in a gallery face to face with it. Everyday shit looks completely cool and freaked-out, because it is cool–you're just not usually looking close enough. At “Occurances,” a new exhibit by Veronika Lukasova, the photographer goes a step further and nudges her work into stranger territory by taking panoramas of real places (Medellin, Colombia, the Medina Wall in Tripoli, the NYC skyline) and tilting, layering, and repeating the images. Groves become forests, the old wall unfolds, and the artist's background as a native of the Czech Republic goes to work on all of it. No stadium seating, though. In the side gallery is a concurrent show, the National Juried Plastic Camera Exhibition.
Jan. 8-Feb. 9, 2008

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