I'm Gonna Live Forever

San Francisco's several storytelling series are growing. Many have added Berkeley or Oakland shows. One recently had an L.A. event. One is drawing national names to its stage and is banging on the door of PBS to get televised. Most have added workshops or open-mic nights to bring in a little revenue and lure new talent. Porchlight, which predates most series in S.F., is also expanding. Tonight's “Brushes with Fame 2: The Quickening” happens outside its regular venue at a movie theater, where performers talk about (what else?) getting close to famous people “as extras, actors, and gawkers.” Porchlight has taken on this theme once before, and this time co-founder Beth Lisick promises it will be “louder, bigger, and brasher.” If it's anyone we trust to make good on that promise, it's Lisick and Porchlight.
Tue., July 5, 7:30 p.m., 2011

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