In the Night Museum

Get ready to Beatle-scream: Maurice Sendak is the raddest rock star ever. Are we wrong? At “There’s a Mystery There: Sendak on Sendak,” a series of video interviews finds the children’s author and illustrator discussing his work and his personal history; just to hear his odd wisdom makes you feel like plotzing. He’s so cuuuute! And twisted, talking about a book his brother Jack and he produced when they were little; it involves incest and murder-suicide and their parents were all the way proud. Sendak’s family endured the Holocaust in Poland before emigrating to Brooklyn, where Maurice was born. The exhibit also features original sketches and ideas, like an early mock-up of cover art for Where the Wild Things Are. But “Sendak” also gloriously includes finished art — the pictures we all know and love so well, except if you look closely, you’ll see the indentations and miniscule details left by the hand of the master. Eeeee!
Sept. 8-Jan. 19, 2009

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