In the Sack

Apparently we spend more than 27 years of our existence doing absolutely nothing. During this time we could be researching a cure for cancer, helping attain world peace, making billions of dollars developing the next big thing, having crazy sex, or holding down a beach somewhere, drink in hand. Instead, we're sleeping. It seems like a total waste of time, right? Well, hold on there, overachievers. “After Dark: While You Were Sleeping” sheds light on what goes on in the dark and why it's important. It's part of a monthly evening art and science series. Enjoy a bunkbed chat about the nature of dreams with pajama-clad Princeton scholars Graham Burnett and Jeff Dolven. Cozy up with writer and editor Andrew Leland in an eye-opening bedtime discussion about a curious case of nyctalopia (night blindness). You might nod off as soothing visuals of sleepwalking filmscapes are screened. Calming reverberations and images such as the sleep-inducing sounds of humpback whales are sure to ax those incurable bedtime tossing-and-turning fits. And if these fail, a few nightcaps at the bar should knock you out. But proceed cautiously: Crashing on the couch isn’t part of the invite.
Thu., March 3, 6 p.m., 2011

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