Inter-gay-lactic Farce

We’ve told you before what a supreme weirdo Will Franken is. Take the whole cast of Monty Python, add the Firesign Theatre, mix in one of those amateur improv shows that defies expectations, and, well, you’d be close to what this man holds inside one wonderfully warped and multidimensional brain. The “multidimensional” part could explain it. Maybe he’s been through wormholes and has seen what all those particle physicists can only theorize about. Maybe he’s trying to tell us what he’s seen. The title of his latest performance, Part One of the Fourth Dimension Trilogy, suggests as much. In it, he’s a closeted gay guy from Paducah, Kentucky, living in San Francisco. Only, in this Frankenversion, Paducah is a planet, and Kentucky is a galaxy. Our narrator seems to have also struggled with substance abuse, because he says his parents have deemed him sober enough to come to town for a visit, and they’re bringing his sister’s new baby. Sounds divine. Thing is, they don’t know he’s gay (yet), and his apartment definitely has a woman’s touch — and nothing else. And they’ll be here in less than 24 hours. His only hope is enlisting the help of his friend, Rebecca the Hut, who Franken describes as “a two-ton emo fag-hag.” As exhausting and thoroughly mind-bending as it sounds, Franken reminds us that this cosmic reinterpretation of La Cage aux Folles is only part one. We know he’s up to completing the trilogy, but we might have to attend in shifts.
Fri., March 18, 8 p.m., 2011

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