Into the Woods

Many of us take for granted the expansive and beautiful parks we have access to every day. That’s why on this holiday we urge you to get outside and take advantage of today’s waived entrance fees to all national parks. Mosey over the Golden Gate to Muir Woods, or make the trip down to Yosemite (which normally charges $20 per car). Bypass the usual stroll through the touristy part of Muir Woods and see if you can track down some of the region’s mysterious albino redwoods, “vampire trees” that parasitically feed off older trees and have a white, waxy hide (very Twilight-esque, except we can’t guarantee that they twinkle in the sunlight). Yosemite is also particularly beautiful this time of year, especially after a recent snow. If you find yourself farther south on the holiday, famous landmarks such as Death Valley and Joshua Tree as well are also participating. Get out of the house and experience some of nature’s beauty on MLK Day.
Mon., Jan. 21, 8 a.m., 2013

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