Isn't She Lovely?

Drag shows are usually endeavors in visual creativity, not live performances. But at Trauma Flintstone's monthly club night, Bijou, drag fans can find sparkly outfits, surprising wigs, clever choreography — and actual singing. And this month, a twist: A Tribute to Stevie Wonder. How does a singing dragster like BeBe Sweetbriar interpret the work of a straight man? Sweetbriar, last year's petite and put-together Miss Gay San Francisco, isn't really cut out for the butch thing, to understate a little bit. Yet who wouldn't love to pay tribute to Wonder, whether Little or regular? The show features other drag and nondrag talent such as Erika Von Volkyrie, Xavier Toscano, and Ms. Flintstone herself.
Sun., Feb. 8, 7 p.m., 2009

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