It Takes a Village Person

For more years than anybody wants to count, a chunk of the population has woken up on Christmas morning hoping to find Randy Jones under the tree, ready to be unwrapped. Jones' first claim to fame was as the mustachioed cowboy in the Village People, the gallivanting disco outfit that gave us the enduring novelty hit “YMCA.” Jones has scored subsequent successes and proven to be a legitimate singer, but he's never abandoned his gay following or his disco roots. He tops the bill of Marc Huestis' holiday extravaganza, A Very Merry Disco Christmas, with a live set and an onstage interview, all designed to whet the crowd's appetite for the 1980 disco disaster, Can't Stop the Music. At a key point in the movie, Jones returns to lead the crowd in a full-throated rendition of “YMCA.” As if all this isn't enough, Huestis has booked local songsters Anita Cocktail, Disco Patsy Cline, and SF Boylesque to get the show rolling. Since it would hardly do to overlook the neighborhood talent, the festivities include an “It Takes a Village People Look-a-Like Contest,” with contestants parading across the stage. The audience will judge the costumes while Randy Jones awaits an entrance made even grander by the fog machine Huestis bought at Walgreen's five years ago. Winter camp beats summer camp hands down, y'all.
Sat., Dec. 22, 7:30 p.m., 2007

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