It’s Twins

As sweet boutique neighborhoods go, the Valencia Corridor is — how to put it gently? — the best one. The point is arguable, of course, we’re just stating an opinion, but we’re right and Noe Valley can suck our Paxton Gate. As evidence, we offer the opening of two new micro art galleries in the rooms behind an Astroturf-carpeted high-fashion T-shirtery — both rooms are intended for serious work by big names. What you got, Haight? A whole store full of earrings? Oooo, wow. (Truth: RVCA has a backroom gallery on Haight, and it’s a good one.) “The Grand Opening Show” and “Creature Features” inaugurates the spaces with two group exhibits of work by some of the artists the shop has been associated with before, including Sirron Norris, Kelly Tunstall, Romanowski, and Ursula Young, as well as some new collaborators such as Blaine Fontana, Adam Caldwell, and Skriblz.
Aug. 3-16, 11 a.m., 2009

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