Joy and Memory

Happiness is volatile: Its nature elusive, its pursuit interminable. To acquire it is to assume the affliction of its loss, yet its possibility fuels the sacrifices we make for love. Seattle-based mathematician and choreographer Maureen Whiting explores love and loss in “Burden of Joy,” a set of solos that she created to memorialize the life and death of her mother and the landscape of the West Coast, from the shared fantasy of sparkly mouse ears to the memory of her family's narrative in it. Whiting shares the evening with San Francisco choreographer Jessi Barber, who also makes cultural memory a theme in a dance theater piece on such miscellany as “migration, dance marathons, and youth culture,” based on the podcast The Memory Palace. Share the creation of memory and expose yourself to the possibility of witnessing or participating in catharsis in the intimate space of The Garage.

July 9-10, 8 p.m., 2014

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