Just Boxers — No Briefs

In what may be the greatest nerd fight since those two LARPers were immortalized by Google Street View, Boxwars SF is the venue for a deliriously ridiculous (and awesome) DIY battle royale. Bearing the tagline “fight or be recycled,” Boxwars SF compels warriors to build weapons and armor from nothing but cardboard and tape before competing for corrugated-paper-product supremacy. Boxwars matches began in Melbourne, Australia, in 2002 with the dubious goal of “bring[ing] cardboard back to the consumers who discarded it in the first place without realizing its true potential,” but the real draw are the battles waged on a deliriously silly scale — this is a lot closer to Monty Python than a Greenpeace rally. For this, the first Boxwars of 2011, the event returns to its punk rock roots with live music courtesy of the Bum City Saints, the 132, and Not Even a Mouse. If you think you've got what it takes to fight for the glorious title of king of the cardboard, be prepared to bring your A game. Previous Boxwars have featured cardboard-clad gladiators in fully realized creations recalling proud warriors of yore, so leave the half-assed robot costumes at home. For the true champions, box fighting is serious business.
Fri., March 11, 8 p.m., 2011

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