Kidman Forever

There are Marilyns, and there are Judys, and there are Audreys, and there are Bettes, and there are Tildas, but for some, there is only she of the button nose and immobile forehead, she of varying degrees of strawberry and blonde, she of the frigid, lanky untouchability who famously wore chartreuse shantung by John Galliano in 1997 and left a nuptial union with Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in 2001. Dancers Mica Sigourney, John Foster Cartwright, and Maryam Rostami make no promises in Nicole Kidman Is Fucking Gorgeous. They do not promise to swoop in on a rhinestone-studded swing or paste on a Virginia Woolf nose. They do not promise to have clairvoyant, photosensitive children or sell you Chanel No. 5. Their Australian accents may be absent or appalling. But homage will be paid to the silver screen's ice queen.

Sun., Dec. 15, 8 p.m., 2013

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