Kids with Cameras

A celebrated abstract sculptor who came to prominence in the 1950s, Ruth Asawa risked being known forever as the “fountain lady” because, after creating Ghirardelli Square's mermaids, she was awarded other public commissions involving water. She was also a spearhead for the city's only audition-based arts high school, renamed in her honor just a few years ago. Free of tuition, the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts encourages an economically and ethnically diverse student body working from vastly different perspectives within nine creative disciplines. This can be felt nowhere more measurably than within SOTA's media department. Saturday at the Cinema, a fundraiser for the students' annual journey to New York City, features everything from dark comedy about a perfect family's squalid secrets to stop-motion animation. As a generation that has grown up in a world saturated by media, these students have a landscape and viewpoint that is unique in film history. Whether filming on Super 8, 16mm, or digital; whether chasing narrative, documentary, or something totally experimental, they will challenge your expectation of student films.

Sat., March 22, 2014

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