Know Thy Parasites

Dean Delray wonders about crabs. Not the seafood — the other kind. “Are they extinct?” the comedian asks. “You just don’t hear about them anymore. When I was young, you got them every year, like the flu or something.” But Delray knows they’re not extinct. You see, he, um, “inherited” a batch not long ago: He got them from sitting on a couch in a recording studio. “Someone else on that couch had fun, and I got their problems!” It’s stand-up comedy, but it’s also the harsher bits of his life. Inspired by the likes of Louis C.K. and Marc Maron, the Bay Area native dove deep into dark comedy two years ago when he ended his career as a musician and moved to Los Angeles. Delray has the punk-rock biker aesthetic of, say, Henry Rollins, working hard — he claims to have done 500 shows in a year — and has met with success. He’s toured with Bobby Lee, and appeared in several Hollywood films, including The Longshots with Ice Cube. When it comes to comedy, he says you’ll never find a Facebook or cell phone joke in his set. He works the outlandish material, but he also hits social issues such as racism and homophobia pretty hard. Delray admits he’s taking a risk by putting so much of himself out there to audiences, “But they’re laughing like hell by the time I’m done with it.”
Mon., Dec. 12, 8 p.m., 2011

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