Landmarks and Back alleys

Lifelong San Francisco resident Gary Kamiya has written a 49-chapter love letter to the city, exploring a different place within each chapter through a mix of personal anecdote, research, and reporting. The result is a sort of rambling walk through both the terrain and its history that grounds the wide-eyed bewilderment of every newcomer with the knowledge of a lifer. Kamiya has not only lived here his entire life, heÕs also worked as an editor for the San Francisco Examiner and was co-founder of His appreciation of everything from our landmarks to our back alleys contains a depth that will enhance even the most erudite of the cityÕs admirers, and the hand-drawn maps that accompany each location make his book, Cool, Gray City of Love, a neat portal to a magical place.

Thu., Aug. 8, 7:30 p.m., 2013

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