Let's Put on a Show

Like those 1940s MGM musicals in which a ragtag gang of vaudevillians have a few measly hours to put together a show, ODC Theater challenged 2013 Isadora Duncan Award-winning choreographer Pearl Marill and ODC Theater Artist-in-Residence Hope Mohr to make an evening of dance with 48 hours of shared studio time and a two-week deadline. The result, called Theater Unplugged, can be predicted with no certainty, because the choreographers are about as different as they come. Marill is unapologetically plugged into pop culture — she references Craiglist's Missed Connections, shows her work in nightclubs, and in her YouTube film Crunch Pop, puts her dancers through manic jazzercise routines as they consume Doritos and Popsicles clad in bright spandex. Mohr, on the other hand, is cool, cerebral, and theory-driven. Her recent Failure of the Sign is the Sign was meticulously constructed and characterized by a somber minimalism. Expect surprises.

Sun., Aug. 25, 6 p.m., 2013

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