Live Long and Prosper

One of the problems with extended longevity is physical aging: You think you'd like to live longer, but only if you could stay young. You don't want to just keep shrinking and Life-Alerting yourself along for an extra 50 years. You'd prefer to have more time to travel the world, perform one-act plays, and refine your Netflix queue with full physical comfort and sexual attractiveness. Good news: They're working on that. Laura Carstensen is the founding director of the Stanford Center of Longevity, and she's helping change the topic of conversation from old age to long life. Be a part of that conversation when Carstensen speaks with Roy Eisenhardt about the current scientific research that's helping to assuage the physical symptoms of aging as humans live longer. Fuel your imagination with facts, then go home, get online, and try to find out how far in advance you can order day planners from the office supply store because you might be needing those things for a long time yet.

Tue., Feb. 18, 7:30 p.m., 2014

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