Long Live the Colonel

Patton Oswalt may have played the lead rat in Ratatouille, but his own ideas about food arrive during the opening seconds of his hysterical CD Werewolves and Lollipops. He's ordering a “failure pile in a sadness bowl,” otherwise known as a KFC Famous Bowl. He asks the clerk, “Is there a way that the bowl can play This Mortal Coil's It'll End in Tears album while I'm eating it at two in the morning in my darkened apartment, just kind of staring into the middle distance?” Patton, who lived here during his lean years, obviously did recon work at that frightening KFC that used to haunt Valencia. Aside from his stellar jokes, Patton's appeal lies in his addictive delivery — something Pixar noted — and his hipster/nerd ethos, which endeared him to Sub Pop, which released Werewolves early this year. Tonight Patton kicks off Cobb's 25th Anniversary, which packs in stars throughout September for one-night-only shows. This week alone sees Paul Mooney, Louis C.K, and Charlie Murphy, and later come David Cross, Kevin Pollack, and, in some genius booking, Sinbad!

Greg Behrendt, Brian Posehn, and Blaine Capatch join Oswalt.
Thu., Sept. 6, 8 p.m.

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