Love, Minneapolis Style

Peaches Christ always looks like Joan Crawford. Not too much; not in a tired or obvious way — it's mostly a thing that happens kind of around the eyes — and even when she's in drag/reverse drag as Prince, Peaches Christ still looks like Joan Crawford. It's super impressive. At Midnight Mass: Purple Rain, she hosts a dancing-in-the-aisles-encouraged screening of the '80s classic, as well as the event's famous preshow. Each preshow is different, and tonight's signature move is the '80s Slut Pageant, in which audience members strut the stage clad, hopefully, in polyester lace lingerie with horribly high-cut legs. A difficult “tuck” scenario, to be sure, but who can resist the fashion moment during which the more crucifixes you wore, the sluttier you looked? All this and the chance to bask in Morris Day and the Time.
July 2-3, 11:55 p.m., 2010

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