Mad Men

The Radar Reading series may be famous for the cookies — if you ask a question after the readers read, you get a cookie — but this time, it's about men. Jon Ginoli is a man, for example, a brave, strong man who fronted the gay punk band Pansy Division and wrote a book about it. And Alexander Crumbsnatcher is a man who describes himself as a “goth industrial queer electropunk riot boy homocore psychic accordion player.” The cookie we want most, though, is Brontez. Is it enough to say that after years of attending jaw-dropping, funny readings by locals with high IQs and big hearts, the best one was Brontez reading from his 'zine Fag School? Or must we mention his former band, the incomparable punkbeat sex machine Gravy Train!!!!, or his new band, the Younger Lovers? Brontez seems to spend most of his time posing for photos wearing only underpants, and even if he did only that, he'd still be an incredible superstar because he's better at it than anyone on Earth. Whatever he has to say, we want to hear, and whatever he has on, we want to see. Most probable in those departments: Some tart articulation of anti-racist shenanigans or a laugh-gasp sexcapade, and tighty whities. Who wants a cookie?

The wonderfully masculine yet highly pro-lady Ali Liebegott stands in as host.
Wed., Sept. 2, 6 p.m., 2009

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