McGuire's Magic

Anne McGuire became a bit infamous for stalking Joe DiMaggio. It was happenstance; the aging baseball legend wandered into McGuire's frame so she followed him, and began improvising songs about his greatness, and her devotion to his greatness. It was hilarious and troubling and somehow masterful. Since then, McGuire's video art has appeared at the Getty, Whitney, Guggenheim, and SFMoMA, to name a few, and her acts of disaster deconstruction — reverse edits of The Andromeda Strain and, more recently, The Poseidon Adventure — have been studied by art students the world over. Still, there are audio purists who might only know McGuire as the odd-time crooner from The Freddy McGuire Show. It wouldn't be an art crime. Debuting on Negativland's Over the Edge radio program in 1999, Freddy McGuire pitched McGuire's poetry against an improvised backcloth of samples by Wobbly — commercials, shows tunes, theme songs — really, nothing is sacred. Sometimes, it's beautiful, sometimes it's a battle, but tonight, on a state-of-the-art 72-channel sound system, it will be in the bones of your face. New songs will be accompanied by live and recorded feeds from McGuire's personal surveillance cameras.

Thu., Feb. 13, 7 p.m., 2014

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