Mighty Funny Warriors

My Own Private Sukiprata

We've all heard of mail-order brides, but what about mail-order grooms? Aging Western women should be able to order young, exotic Asian husbands from catalogs, too, shouldn't they? And though we're all aware of mixed-race Amerasians, what about mixed-species “amphiberasians”? These are just some of the important questions broached by the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, the self-proclaimed “world's most psychotic Asian-American sketch comedy group,” at their second workshop production of My Own Private Sukiprata. Warriors founding member Michael Premsrirat explains that these sketches seek to “explode old stereotypes of Asian Pacific Island Americans and to put out more truthful images of who we are and who we will be,” even if that means pushing some buttons.

Formed seven years ago when performers from the Asian American Theater Company banded together, the home-grown troupe's brand of no-holds-barred humor explores culturally specific topics as well as touchy social issues like the stereotype of Asian-American men as emasculated, all from a tongue-in-cheek “golden brown perspective.” Controversial and risqué, the Mountain Warriors shy away from few subjects, earning them comparisons to In Living Color, Saturday Night Live, and Monty Python.

A slight departure from the Warriors' usual format of unconnected skits, Sukiprata is centered around a single theme — the mythical Asian island country of the title. Although the routine may be a small deviation, the rowdy comedy will be the same, poking fun at everything from imperialism and immigration to fortune cookies. And though you don't need to be Asian to find these Warriors funny, you do need to have a sense of humor.

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