More Than Just a Pretty … Face

I read it for the articles. That was a common defense of men who were caught with Playboy magazines in past decades. Although sometimes it wasn’t true and probably never taken seriously, it was a valid defense: Playboy had a great selection of advice columns, fiction, and serious journalism alongside the photos of naked women (and it probably still does — but we wouldn’t know anything about that). The same concept applies to the monthly Hubba Hubba Revue. If someone tells us they go for the slapstick comedy, music, cabaret, or circus acts — and doesn’t mention the campy striptease that’s a mix of old Coney Island and John Waters — we reply with some variation of “Well, of course you do.” Its producer is a man called Kingfish (whose real name we won’t tell), who gave up his place in the workforce several years ago to devote himself full time to the cause of high-costumery, ribald laughter, and, well, skin. We’re glad he did. Acts that have graced the Hubba Hubba stage include The Devilettes, Cupcake (“The difference between me and Tourette’s is volume…”), Alotta Boutte, and Lee Presson and the Nails. Each show has a theme that provides equal fodder for comedic and sexy treatment. Tonight’s is Murder, in which noir chanteuse Jill Tracy helps Kingfish’s cast of fabulous femmes solve a particularly gruesome mystery. Also appearing are the Hubba Hubba Go-Go Gumshoes, Lady Satan, Madame E, Gorilla X, and Mynx d’Meanor. Kingfish says this is one of your final chances to see the show on a Friday, as it’s moving to Thursdays in 2012.
Fri., Nov. 25, 9 p.m., 2011

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