The Globe and Mail has criticized Frazey Ford's new record, Obadiah, saying that “the words aren’t always comprehensible.” We are now angry at the Globe and Mail. This is like complaining that Bob Dylan doesn't sing like Enrico Caruso: absolutely uncontested, but beside any possible point and hostile to music that's very, very close to our hearts. As any fan of Ford's former band, the Be Good Tanyas, can tell you, if Frazey Ford enunciated, the Earth might be sucked into the sun and cease to exist. As it is, her confident yet wobbly warble can and often does find 10 notes in a single syllable. So shut up, Globe and Mail! Obadiah's early-release track, “Firecracker,” has a banjo on it, which recalls the Tanyas' folk style, but the rest of the record departs more sharply from that now-defunct band's sound, leaning more toward soul. At least the music sounds more like soul; we thankfully couldn’t understand the lyrics.

Bhi Bhiman opens.
Tue., Aug. 10, 8 p.m., 2010

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