We do what we have to do to live in our glorious Bay Area, but it’s hard not to wish for a smidge more economic security from time to time. Local artist John-Mark Ikeda takes those anxieties and runs with them, seeing America’s growing awareness of (and protest against) the country’s wealth disparity as a classic example of the moment a long-held myth collides with cold, hard reality. To illustrate his point, Ikeda cut a business suit into a hundred parts and painstakingly tacked them to the gallery wall at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts last year. Decontextualized, the suit could have been some exotic scientific specimen or an artifact left behind for anthropologists to examine, embodying our hopes and dreams of financial success. Ikeda continues to explore the aftermath of corporate culture in his current solo show, “Downtown,” which also illuminates his work as a studio artist at Root Division in the Mission. For this exhibition Root Division moves offsite and into the Spare Change Artist Space, smack in the middle of the Financial District, an appropriate shift of venue given Ikeda’s artistic concerns.
Jan. 24-Feb. 28, 2013

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