Neck Beards, Yea or Nae?

God bless filmmaker Laura J. Lukitsch; she spent six years talking to people about beards. She found, wonderfully, that all men have a beard story. It's a simple but eternal truth. (Our story? The fucking thing never grows in properly — it's like puberty punched the clock and went home before it made a man out of our left cheek.) To her credit, the Bay Area filmmaker didn't limit herself to hipster enclaves during those six years. She hit 12 cities and six countries, interviewing men from all strata of society in a “journey to understand the social politics of facial hair,” as she says on her site. The result is the documentary Beard Club, which premieres tonight. Of course, you might be bearded out, especially after Brian Wilson took the hipster beard on a national talk-show tour. Fear not: ZZ Top is in Beard Club. So is a bearded lady, former '60s activists, plenty of hirsute religious men, and even beard contestants in contests around the world. Tonight also includes, of course, a beard contest. If any of you still have beards, bring them along.
Fri., June 22, 8 p.m., 2012

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