No Bottle of Rum, Though

The old movie house out in the glamorous avenues is 81, which is the new middle age, in case you hadn't heard. To celebrate the Balboa Birthday Bash, its programmers screen The Black Pirate, a 1926 swashbuckler featuring Douglas Fairbanks in the sauciest little shortie jumpsuit you ever saw. After that kind of fun “for the whole family,” Kitten on the Keys takes the stage for a (presumably clean) vaudeville turn, and magician James Hamilton does his thing. We're sure it's all perfectly G-rated! Plus the movie gets the full old- fashioned treatment with live musical accompaniment by Frederick Hodges, and it doesn't get much more wholesome than that. Happy birthday to the lovely, well-cared-for theater! And seriously, rip the gaming device out of the kids' cold, dead fingers and have fun like the original film poster says: “Yo! Ho! All ye from 7 to 70, renew your youth and be a pirate bold!”
Wed., Feb. 27, 7 p.m., 2008

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