Not Dead. In Fact, Just Fine

We’ve called Jennifer Blowdryer “the girl John Waters” before, and we’ll do it again, even though she’s a writer, not a filmmaker. And she’s a woman, not a girl, yet her juvenile delight in bizarre behavior — her own, and others’ — is nothing but girlish. Today she reads her contribution to Punk Rock Saved My Ass, a collection of stories about the good side of that maligned, malignant, co-opted, and misunderstood subculture. Editors Terena Scott and Jane Mackay make the point that creatively expressing your fury can be a healthy, not to mention fun, way to spend time. A range of contributors describe their positive experiences in punk, including the girl John Waters, who started her band, the Blowdryers, at age 17.
Thu., Oct. 14, 8 p.m., 2010

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