Say what you will about activism in San Francisco, but at least our politics are never boring. We stage puke-ins; we canvass in the buff; we even voted on a proposition a few years back that tried to rename a sewage plant “George W. Bush.” It failed, much like Bush's presidency. Nonetheless, we weren't surprised to hear that one such group, the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, prefers its activism in song form. We can't say we blame them. The group's first performance was an impromptu memorial for George Moscone and Harvey Milk in 1978, and members of this 300-man chorus have continued to raise the bar for gay rights, with concerts dedicated to Proposition 8, Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the AIDS epidemic, and more (often in conservative communities!). Today is the Chorus's annual gay-la, Crescendo, which promises a champagne brunch, silent auction, and selections from its upcoming Iconic Season 35, which includes “SantaConcert,” “Snow White and Her Merry Men,” and “Harvey Milk: The Living Legacy.” While the price tag is a bit heftier than your typical brunch (depending on how many mimosas you order), how often do you have a chance to schmooze and booze with the likes of Dan Savage, (syndicated advice columnist and creator of the It Gets Better campaign), Joe Jervis (political blogger Joe.My.God.), and composer/author/producer Andrew Lippa? So go on, end this week on a high note.
Sun., Oct. 14, noon, 2012

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