Off the Cuff

Rafe Chase and Gerri Lawlor are two of the most celebrated figures on the San Francisco improv scene today. Chase's name, sober good looks, lacquered coif, and pearlized headshot are all suggestive of the golden era of movies, in which perfect gentlemen could play the badass with nary a spill of their martinis. Lawlor is similarly equipped: Her pouty film noir mouth, mane of curls, and imperious composure make her the Bacall to Chase's Bogey. Appropriately enough, Chase and Lawlor are co-stars in their own film, sort of. Tonight, the two BATS Improv members not only do their thing with audience suggestions, but they also ad-lib their own movie script, taking content and direction cues from the crowd. If you've already exhausted the possibilities of banal summer blockbusters and your Netflix queue, you'll appreciate the pair's versatility. With Chase's wit and Lawlor's rangy physical comedy, they're as likely to do slapstick as tearjerker.
Aug. 24-Sept. 8, 8 p.m.

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