On Your Night Stand

Erotic art is one of those vague umbrella terms that encompasses everything from classic Greek busts of the well-endowed god Priapus to those goofy flavored finger-paint sets at your local sex shop. Accordingly, you can find high art, low art, and everything in between at the “One Night Stand” erotic art exhibition. Voyeurs and aesthetic savants alike tend to frequent this multidisciplinary carnival of the senses in droves, since the entertainment doesn't end with framed nudes. Spectators can take a carnal romp through paintings, video installations, and performance — including the likes of burlesque hula-hoopers, fetish circus performers, and naked shadow dancers. Finally, spurned lovers and V-day bellyachers can listen to writers like Carol Queen and Michelle Tea talk bad sex and toxic love at the culminating “My Sucky Valentine XIII” reading on Feb. 14. Even if trolling for sexy strangers doesn't work out for you, at least you can gulp down some oysters and come away with something inspiring for your bedroom wall. Proceeds benefit the Center for Sex and Culture and the San Francisco Artists Resource Center.
Feb. 5-16, 2008

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