Out and Proud – and Omnipresent

Hey, Proud Marys! We know all year is your time to shine, but this weekend is when you exhaust yourself with fabulousness, deplete yourself with joy, and blow your wad with opportunity. You just completed another queer year and you must congratulate yourself with some marching, dance parties, and an absolutely gigantic parade surrounding the LGBT Pride Celebration. Friday, get thee to the Trans March and celebrate the magic of our transsexual selves and comrades. Socialize and sip a kombucha or whatever. Later check out Unofficial: The Original Plumbing Trans Pride Party. The event presented by the trans lifestyle mag features local faves DJ Rapid Fire and DJ Bunnystyle along with hot-'n'-heavy go-go dancers and all the cruising you can take. Saturday is the Dyke March at Dolores Park; every dyke-loving gender is welcome at the park, then the gentlemen are asked to step aside and offer support as the gals march up to the Castro. Saturday evening is the Gaypocalypse afterparty at Sub-Mission, a mash-up of wicked fun clubs Party Hole, Stay Gold, Ships in the Night and Hella Gay. Today, mount up for the big one. The queers-of-all-stripes (including our good friends the asexuals) big parade on Market Street will feature classic contingents such as Dykes on Bikes, Mykes on Bikes, PFLAG (keep your rainbow hanky handy), and all sorts of queers you didn't know existed. Allow your heart to swell, then head to Civic Center and grab some lumpia and freedom rings while you catch the gay acts on the main stage. Tonight among the incredible closing parties is Hard French at Public Works, featuring hot NOLA bounce queen Big Freedia, Erase Errata, Oakland dirty rappers Hottub, and a slew of hot queer DJs spread over six rooms. Juanita More's infamous pool party, this year at Chambers Eat+Drink (formerly the Bambuddha Lounge at the Phoenix Hotel), always boasts amazing DJs and, duh, a pool. You can't go wrong, people. Do it up, and you'll have a full year to sleep it off.
June 24-26, 2011

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