Overthrowing Capitalist Heteronormativity Has Never Been So Simple!

Transsexual performance artist Annie Danger is smart and weird. These qualities are requirements for being a good performance artist, but let’s set that aside. At faux-professional motivational seminar It’s That Easy!, Danger’s Terry VanWeen (pronounced “van-veen”) brings together elements that, left on their own, would avoid each other: radical left-wing activism and khaki pants. In Danger’s capable hands, however, these natural enemies make comedy and genuine inspiration. Although we don’t recommend throwing fist-sized rocks at Tony Robbins, VanWeen does. On the bullet-point list of assertions made by the cornflower-blue-shirted personal coach is that you will “develop the physical vitality you need to passionately follow through on fighting the man!” Smart. Weird. Part of the National Queer Arts Festival.
Thu., June 17, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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