José Montesinos’ trailer for his unfinished film Hell’s Kittens had us all rolling on the floor laughing, so SF Weekly forked the local filmmaker some dough during our Masterminds Grant program earlier this year. (Note to artists: Application season opens again at the beginning of next year.)The result so far: Owned, a feature-length film world-premiering tonight. It feels good to help grow the local film scene! Owned looks to be something of a 180 from Hell’s Kittens — the latter was a sarcastic, action-packed spoof of Russ Meyer–style femmesploitation flicks, while the new one is a serious drama about the nature of freedom. The plot follows Cisco, the main character, as he gets out of jail hoping to improve the quality of his law-abiding. It doesn’t quite work out the way he planned: Heartbreak, gunplay, and ethical Gordian knots ensue.
Sat., Sept. 26, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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