Pickle Tradition

In the early '70s, a small group of jugglers and clowns started The Pickle Family Circus with a simple premise: All performers were paid equally, everyone had to put in the same amount of work, and every aspect of the business was to be pared down in order to maintain quality. The Pickle Family Circus started the contemporary circus movement; there were no animals to feed or house and there was no tent or set to set up or maintain. As a result, the production costs were quite low — low enough that many of their performances could be offered to the public for free. When Picklewater Industries was created eight years ago, it took on not only the family name, but this straightforward philosophy as well: It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to watch high-quality performers. In its newest series, Picklewater Free Circus Festival 2014, the troupe showcases the very best local acrobats, contortionists, and sideshow acts in a show that is engaging for people of any age and any income.

Sundays, 2 p.m. Starts: June 15. Continues through July 6, 2014

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