Plate Glass and Concrete

Around here, empty storefronts can be battleground-ish. Everyone can see them, and many people form strident opinions about them. Analyses vary, of course — for a moment there in '09, real estate agents had San Francisco thinking that empty storefronts on Valencia Street were despicable blight brought on by hipsters; it would have been okay except no one would admit to actually being a hipster so the whole thing had to be tabled as confusing. The San Francisco Arts Commission's Art in Storefronts projects takes a more fun and more practical approach, viewing empty storefronts as blank canvases for creativity. This round (there have been several, in various neighborhoods) features lots of installations up and down Market Street's ample number of boarded-up or vacant spaces (Were they also brought on by hipsters?) as well as a number of murals. Window artists include Erik Otto and the Indigenous Arts Coalition, while Paz de la Calzada, Rafael Landea, and the prolific Amber Hasselbring contribute murals.
June 1-30, 2011

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