Posehn Clown Posse

Comedian Brian Posehn's nickname, “Metalfingers,” was coined only just now and comes from the “metal fingers,” or the sign of the horns, that he makes with his hands in press photos. He makes this gesture — a fist, with the pointer and small finger sticking straight up — to indicate his support for and enthusiasm about the metal genre of music. Posehn is one of the original Comedians of Comedy, and his droll, self-deprecating yet fearless style has been inspiring alternative comedy fans for decades now. He's also a genuine geek with refined taste in comic books, metal, and horror. You may recognize him from television if you've ever watched any sitcom: he's been appearing consistently in guest roles since Seinfeld and before. The Mr. Show and Sarah Silverman Program veteran is performing only once in San Francisco, so catch him while you can.

April 3-5, 8 p.m., 2014

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