Pow! Blam!

Aside from Wonder Woman and the Black Panther, comic-book superheroes tend to be pretty homogenous, demographically speaking. You've got your Bat-, Spider-, Super-, and Iron men, for starters. But at “Sizzle! Superheroes & Queer Literary Legends,” a super team of literary transfolk and women imagines a juicier range of caped crusaders. Rhiannon Argo, Cristy Road, Mari Naomi, Michelle Tea, and Annie Danger join forces to fight evil, using their superpowers of drawing, writing, and performance art. Because it's Sizzle, everything has to be supersexy, as well: To this end, the essays, 'zines, and “envisioning of Queer Superhero Culture” are hosted by feminist porn hero Madison Young. Little-known fact: Superheroes love popcorn and cheap beer. Luckily, Sizzle has plenty of both.
Fri., Jan. 23, 8 p.m., 2009

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