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As something of an expert in Gwalior gayaki, traditional Hindustani singing, Matthew Rahaim is well-traveled, having performed it in New York, Vancouver, Gujarat, and Connecticut. Plus, he says, “My research interests include the melody of gesture, the history of the harmonium, the phenomenology of singing, Gregorian chant, medical ethnomusicology, evolutionary narratives of music history, devotional performance, and simulogue.” Did you keep up with all that? At the “Hindustani Vocal Concert with Matthew Rahaim,” this complicated character is accompanied by local jazz and fusion favorite Sameer Gupta on tabla. In an online review of a Ravi Shankar performance, Rahaim gives clues as to what an audience should expect — it's what he hoped for at Shankar's sitar concert: “logic, emotional color, [and] formal motion.”
Sun., July 5, 4 p.m., 2009

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